inquiring Glindas want to know

Date: 2011-03-26 11:41 am (UTC)
Waves!! i'm so inordinately pleased that you found this... as after all it is mostly written for you. btw- i sent you an LJ 'friend' request, whatever that is, b/c there seemed to be no 'tell cookies i wrote her a story' button. Now that you've found it you can dismiss/ignore that since it doesn't appear either of us are especially active here.

i am also tickled that you still find this funny, b/c i was worried that i had drifted too far from the cracktacular beginnings to still be amusing. i mentioned in my author's note that it was mostly written months ago (at about the same time as part 1) but there was a serious transition issue about halfway through that irked the hell out of me. so it has just been sitting in my hard drive collecting plot bunnies. not sure at all what prompted me to dust it off the other day- illness, Krupnik, reading too much fanfic, re-reading Wicked, not doing any work... some combination thereof.

but who says this is the end? ;) i feel Glinda would have something to say about the 'explosive' ending of NS, no? i suspect she will not be as amused. so at the rate i post, you can expect to see it in Nov/dec. maybe early 2012.

i soooo love the idea that Glinda has been drawing fanart. the meta just keeps getting more meta.

Elphaba: "And what is this one supposed to be? I can't make it out?"

Glinda: "Well I tried to go a little more abstract with that one."

Elphaba squints and turns the drawing a few degrees.

Elphaba: "I think I.... oh. OOOHH!"
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